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Our Mission Outreach Arm of Bob C. Ross Ministries.

Bob has been deeply involved in teaching and leading Bible conferences, in churches, colleges and seminaries. Presently he ministers in RomaniaBulgaria, the Yucatan of MexicoCuba,  and stateside in Alaska.

Mission trips are open to those who want to experience “hands on” mission work. You can invest your talents through Evangelism, prison outreach, Vacation Bible Schools, church planning, church starts, or construction of churches, schools and pastor’s homes. Trips can be arranged, and coordinated for individuals, or church teams.

Every July, mission teams work with churches in Alaska. Spring and Autumn mission teams work in the Yucatan of Mexico and Cuba.   Educational Tours of the Yucatan mission work are available for pastors and church mission leaders. Such trips are often combined with preaching, and teaching opportunities. These trips are arranged with our partner, Faith Baptist Missions.  Annually, other nations are being added to the ministry list.

Alaska Mission

First Alaska Mission 1970…a Bible Conference in Anchorage.

Bob and Barb have taken teams to build churches, pastoriums, and schools in…Juneau, Ketchikan, Prince of Wales Island, Palmer, Anchorage, Soldotna, Seward, and Seldovia in Kenai.

= 25 missions teams in 38 years.

Note:  He calls this mission work “missions lite”, since many want to visit, see Alaska, and fish for salmon or halibut.

Their mission trips are 8-10 days costing under $2,000. per person.

The construction teams work hard helping churches from

8 AM- 4:30 PM and then,

Eat, relax, hike, or fish till mid-night.

Participants are fulfilled by the “hands on” mission work, to help  Alaska churches. Those going save over $4,000, compared to Alaska fishing trips of 8-10 days.

Most get “hooked” on missions, thus, we call this program…

“Missions Lite”.

alaska missions
alaska missions

Yucatan Mission & Beyond

In 1989, Bob and Barb had planned to vacation in Cancun, but God spoke to their hearts about mission work in the Yucatan.

God led, and they followed…

They began working with the First Baptist Church of Merida doing evangelism.  Most trips, they would see 350+ come to Jesus, through the Jesus Film in Spanish.  But, there was little follow-up.

So, they helped begin a seminary with First Baptist of Merida.  Dr. Harlan Capps came as president in ’96, with Faith Baptist Missions.  We joined him in the ministry and vision for the Yucatan.  In those early days, Prairie Creek, Plano, and Bob were the key  participants in the seminary work.

Small seminaries were planted in Merida, Campeche, Cancun, Vallodalid, Tobasco in Mexico, and Havana, Cuba.

Ten years ago there were about 200 Evangelical churches in the Yucatan.  Today there are over 400 churches.  Praise God!

Romania Mission

Bob and Barbara arrived in Communist Bucharest, Romania 12 hours before Chernobyl blew up on April 26, 1986.

In ’86 they taught and preached in Bucharest, Caransebes, Timisoara, Arad and Oradea.  Before the overthrow of Communism. They returned three more times to assist the suffering East Europe nation.  Because of the threats and dangers, only five churches were ministering to Romania in those days.

There were 2,100 Evangelical  churches, with 140 pastors, and an underground seminary.  On return trips, Bob taught there, “The School of the Prophets”, in Timisoara, Arad, and Oradea.

Thousands came to know Jesus.  Churches were packed and the Communist did not know how to control the revival.

Bob and Barb ministered with Second Baptist Church in those days. The church faced on-going Communist persecution, but  experienced constant Revival.

Christmas Eve 1989 Nicolae Ceausescu was killed by his own people, and Romania became free for the first time in 40+ years.

God raised up Emanuel Baptist Church (from the brave Second Baptist Church) to build for 3,600+ people. They led in beginning the Emanuel Baptist Seminary and publishing company in Oradea.  Today both church and seminary are the largest Evangelical ministries in all Europe.  What a joy to have been a part of prayer and support for this ministry, during their days of struggle and hardship.

When freedom came…hundreds of American churches rushed to experience  the Oradea revival.  Being a pastor of a smaller church,  Bob moved eastward, to assist a new work in Tirgu  Mures, with Pastor Vasile Paul…1994.

Working with the mother church in Targu Mures, today 31 village missions and churches surround the city.  Our ministry has helped to support this growing ministry for 15 years, building the mother church, village churches, and supporting pastors

alaska missions

Pure Water Mission

Purified Water For The Nations…

The majority of the nations of the world do not have pure drinking water. For instance, ninety-three per cent of the water in Mexico (our closest neighbor) is not fit for drinking.  Bottled “purified” water is more expensive than gasoline, in most countries and, when tested, it is often contaminated with bacteria, or poisonous minerals. Over 30 major diseases are caused by poor drinking water. It is the main cause of health problems in the Third World. Our ministry also, links to assist with River Blindness projects in the Third World.

Pure Water is Essential for Health

Our Ministry raises funds to send in water purification systems and small “family” units.  With these units, local mission work can distribute the water purification and share Jesus, “Living Water” to those in need. Arrangements can be made for large water purification units to supply entire villages.  Each need is carefully studied, as to what it will take to purify the water for the health of the community, and our Water Purification Engineer, Michael van Hoye, builds the system to meet specific needs.  Michael is linking with the University fo Texas, Edinburg, TX, in the development and production of a newly designed water filter, for imporved water flow and better purification.  The new systems will be available inthe spring of 2010.

Present Projects for Families and Churches…

Presently we are working with smaller units (Bucket Brigade) that can be given to house churches and/or families in need. $100 will purchase three units: white plastic buckets with tight closing lids, PVC fixtures for top and bottom of the bucket and a special “candle water filter” connected to the bottom of the bucket. Each unit can produce 12-16 gallons of 99.9% pure water per day. Each adult needs one gallon per day for drinking, cooking, and dish washing.  Thus, about 5 gallons is needed per family, per(depending on size).  Each unit can produce enough pure water for 16 people.  Therefore, a $100 gift for such systems can give pure water to as many as 50 people per day (for 3-4 years, the life of a filter).  This precious pure water can be distributed from a house church, can be given for outreach in the community, or used by individual families.  Remember, by sharing a drink of water, the Samaritan woman experienced Living Water from our Lord Jesus. That situation is multiplied around our world, as the drink of Living Water leads to an Artesian Spring of Life Within and Life in Eternity with our Lord Jesus.

Imagine, you can provide pure water and health for 50 people for 3-4 years for $100.
It takes a penny per week to give pure water to an individual.

What a mission investment! 

This Gift Keeps on Giving Life…

Giving a pure water is “a gift that keeps on giving”. Our pure water ministry helps people reach out to their neighbors with the Gospel. It gives them “ownership” in the local mission work. Sharing pure water with those in need, helps individual Christians share life with their community, and thus become a part of what God wants to do in their community.

Now…It is Your Turn…

We encourage you…Pastors, Churches, and Individuals to become involved in these unique mission concepts.  Water purification can be a way to undergird mission outreach, in the areas where you are already supporting mission projects. Consider the opportunity of supplying local mission work with Living Water for their community.


  1. Come with us on a Study Tour of Israel.
  2. Pray for the publication of filming and materials related to Israel, and the Jewishness of Jesus.
  3. Take an online course and discover the Jewishness of Jesus
  4. Come with us on a Mission Trip… Church groups, or individuals are welcome.
  5. Give as God leads…Partner with us and touch Eternity.  Our ministry is a 501-c-3 entity. All gifts are used to the Glory of God. You may designate, or give to our overall ministry fund.

Thanks for your time, and prayerful consideration!

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