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Discover The Living Christ - Discover the Living Christ
Are you feeling kinda’ empty?
Or Maybe, you just feel there is…more, much more to life.
And yet, you can’t get a handle on it.
If this is true…
Then you have come to the right place! 
We’ll give you the Truth…
No games!
If you are really searching, let’s do it together.
Let’s consider the Big Three…
Q. 1.  Where did I come from?
Q. 2. Why am I here?
Q. 3. Where am I going?
Where did I come from?  Does it really matter where you came from?  Yes!  Of course it matters!  If you believe that you evolved from the goo, then you have bought the second biggest lie Satan ever dished out to man…evolution.  Do you really believe that there was nothing, and suddenly from this nothing there is everything.  Nothing…no time, no space, and no matter.  Where did it come from?  These things can’t evolve.  How can this be believed?  Absurd!
The Truth is that man was created by God! 
The only person who was at the creation was God Himself, and He told us what happened…in the Bible.  He also told us…why we’re here, and how to know where we’re going…in the Bible.
God created man to be a channel of His blessing to His creation.
He intended for man to live and function under His guidance and care.
Originally, it was so.
But when man sinned against God (rebelled against Him and His rule),
everything changed.
God’s Good News is this…He has made a way for man to be restored to Him and fulfill his original purpose.
His Word says
“Now may the God of Peace Himself make you to be Entirely Clean (Complete,100%); and may your SPIRIT and SOUL and BODY Be kept Perfect (Complete, 100%, no blemishes) until Jesus comes back”  I Thessalonians 5:23.

why am i here
God made you with Two Natures…


God placed you in Two Worlds…


God uniquely equipped you to live in these Two Worlds with…

  • SPIRIT  relating to the SPIRITUAL WORLD
  • SOUL … the Inner You, relating to Both Worlds
  • BODY  relating to the PHYSICAL WORLD
God created you with a BODY, a SOUL, and a SPIRIT. He wants you to be “complete” in each of these areas (that is, 100% of the person He intends for you to be).  Let’s see how you measure up.
Let’s do a personal check-up to check your “Frustration Factor” (where you are “Falling short” of God’s intent for you, Romans 3:23).  We will factor each category with a “perfect score” of 33%.  When you answer the questions, the web page will keep track of your score.  When you finish, It will total the three categories for you.  No one will see this but you.  This is just between you and God.

your physical body
                             Your BODY

33% =Best

Your BODY is the part of you that you probably know best. You spend most of your time caring for your BODY. You feed your BODY, transport it, bathe it, medicate it, give it rest, and exercise. It in turn allows you to work, play, and be involved with others in all of your daily activities. God’s Word tells us that we are to respect and care for our BODIES. It is good to be

concerned about how your body looks, within reason, and you should strive to keep it healthy.

Q. How well do you use your BODY in God’s World?  Let’s check…

God has Equipped you with Five Senses to know and experience His Physical World.
Consider how well you use your Five Senses.
On a Scale of 1-5, (5 being the highest), check yourself.

Got it?  Go…


How well do you use your sight to experience the world around you?  Are you aware of its beauty?  Do you pause to consider the sunsets and flowers, or do you take these for granted?  How well do you use your sense of Sight. 


Are you sensitive to the touch of someone’s loving hand on yours?  Do you discern the difference in textures and surfaces?  Do you use this sense to communicate love or sympathy to others around you?  How well do you use your sense of Touch?


Do you enjoy good foods and various tastes?  God has given us our taste buds to know and experience His wonderful world through the marvelous foods He has provided.  Are you a  connoisseur of food or a “sewer” for food?  How well do you use your sense of Taste?


God has given us many marvelous sounds in His world.  Do you pause to listen to the song of a bird, or the wind blowing in the trees?  Do you hear His rolling thunder, and enjoy the sounds of crickets on a hot summer night?  Do you enjoy good music, or do you cram your day with a background of confusion?  Can you enjoy the “sounds of silence”?  How well do you use your Sense of Hearing?


God has filled our world with fragrances and odors. You are to use your sense of smell to experience His world.  Do you appreciate the smell of fresh plowed earth, or the fragrance of a mowed field after a rain?  Do you pause to smell the roses? Do you appreciate the smell of hamburgers cooking, or the fragrance of fresh ground coffee?  Do you enjoy the smell of a bakery, or appreciate the fragrance of fine perfume?  How well do you use your sense of Smell? 


Now rate your Personal Health. 
How good is your overall Health? 

Please rate this on the scale of 1-8.
(8 being “perfect health”, 1 near death)

Your Total Body Rating is…  %

Our BODIES are Material and Temporary (our Earth Suit). We live in a Physical World, and our Bodies will Die.  We are dying every day.
One day YOU will die!
But that is not the end!

your soulYour SOUL


Your SOUL is, in reality, the INNER YOU.  Sometimes it is called your Heart.  It allows you to relate to the Two Worlds in which you live…(the Spiritual World and the Physical World).  Your SOUL is made up of three very distinct parts…the MIND, the EMOTIONS, and the WILL.

     With your MIND you Process.
With your EMOTIONS you React.

                         And with your WILL you Respond.

How well do you use these?

Let’ consider them…Please rate your responses. (using a scale of  1-11.)


How well do you use your MIND as you relate to your world?
Do you push yourself to the max, or relax and “coast” mentally? Albert Einstein, studies have shown, only used a small portion of his mental capacity. Do you allow others to “feed” you “pre-digested information”, or do you research and think for yourself?
How well do you use your “Choice Making” mechanism?  Do you make the right choices, or are you prone to making the wrong ones?  You must live with your decisions and choices, like it or not.  When you make choices, you are excercising the wonderful gift that God given to human beings.  No other animal has this choice making ability. How well do you use your Mind?  Please rate.


God created us with Emotions so that we might respond to Him and to others. How well do you respond to life emotionally?  How well do you control, or express, your emotions? 


The will is your ability to apply your desicions and choices to your life.  Are you the master of your will, or is it your master?Who’s in charge of your life? How would you rate your Will? 

Your total rating for your SOUL is… %

your spiritYour SPIRIT

34% =Perfection

Your BODY and your SOUL are very important, but the most important aspect of you is your SPIRIT.  With your SPIRIT, you relate to the SPIRITUAL WORLD…both God and Satan.

God has created us with Basic Human Needs.  We need Love.  We need Acceptance. We seek Meaning and Purpose in life. We crave Happiness and Joy.
In any and every way, we strive daily to meet these Basic Needs (consciously or subconsciously).  God is willing to give you His Peace, Love, Joy, and Acceptance, to meet every one of these Needs in your life.  He wants you to know and experience His Purpose for your life.
Your Spirit was created with a “God Shaped Emptiness”, which can only be filled by God Himself.  Unfortunately, you have tried (like most others) to fill this Emptiness with “other than God”.  How is it working?  How do you believe God would rate you?

In this case use a scale of 1-34 ?

Your SPIRIT Rating is %

The Total Rating of BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT   %

Remember, God’s Desire is that you be 100%…
That is, the Complete Person He intended you to be. 

What percentage of a Complete Person are you?

The Difference is Your “Emptiness Factor”
Is this why your life seems so meaningless?
Maybe, just maybe…herein lies the answers to…
 Why are You Here?
And, Where are You Going?

Q.  So, you are % of the Person God Created you to be.

Now, Let’s see how this plays out in Your life…

If you do not fill your “God Shaped Emptiness” with God,
then you will  fill that “Emptiness” with something other than God.

You fill your life with…?
Select your favorites.

The Illicit use of legal or illegal drugs and /or beer/wine/liquor. Seeking the change that comes from these things.
Illicit Sex

Sex outside of marriage…heterosexuality, homosexuality, pornography…never really satisfied.

Seeking fulfillment by possessing more and more. Never enough.  No real or lasting pleasure or security. Exchanging your life for money.
Material Things

Filling your life with “stuff”…an insatiable desire for more.  More of everything.  But, more to worry about, more to insure, and more to worry about losing. Keeping it all running and in shape…it controls you.

Endless TV, hours at the computer, adicted to porn or video games, never satisfied. Your hunger rages for increased entertainment.

Constantly wanting to do more…Fill life, stay busy; boating, climbing, hiking, skiing, surfing, working out…you name it.  Building your anticipation for the next big event.  Never satisfied; often disappointed.
Outdoor Activity

Live for the next hiking, fishing, hunting, or golf outing. Never satisfied.

Accomplishment: pride in “climbing the corporate ladder” only to find that it is on the wrong wall. You ARE dispensable. Upset that you are not adequately recognized or promoted, and angry at the injustice. Never truly fulfilled.

Desire to be in control of others and situations, both at work and at play…whether in the office, at home, at church, or in the broader community. Drive for popularity. Drive to be accepted and honored…to achieve and gain recognition. No lasting satisfaction.

Placing family first in everything.  When you “worship” your family, you begin to expect them to fulfill your needs. Empty nest? Death? Divorce? Disappointment?
What Else???  Whatever you choose, “other than God”, to fill your life, becomes your “god”. Obviously, not everything listed above is bad. But, if it becomes a Controlling Factor in your life, and you worship it with your time, money, and attention.. then, it may be your “god”.

You become a “SLAVE” to your “god of choice”.


“All that is in the world, the Lust of the Flesh (lust for sex), the Lust of the Eyes (to get everything that appeals to us), and the Boastful Pride of Life (drive to be), Is not from God…but, it  is from the world (Satan).  The worlds lusts are passing away…”  I John 2:16-17.
Your Time, Your Money, and Your Attention are all you have to give of yourself.

These “gods” do NOT give joy “Life, Life Abundant, or Life Eternal.”
But instead… Death!  “The wages of Sin IS DEATH…”   That is Present Tense…Now!  Romans 6:23

Understanding the chart below may be the most important revelation in your life.

In the Spiritual World
Man has two Choices, either God or Satan
There is NO “Middle Ground”, NO “Sitting on the Fence”.
Based upon the Bible, this chart shows the difference between God and Satan.
compare God and satan

Whom Do You Choose?  God or Satan?

IF…You Choose God, please take the following Steps to Your Salvation.

First, understand…

1. God Loves You…
God loves the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever Faiths Him has Everlasting Life.” – John 3:16

  • God Has a Wonderful Life for You…
    I have come that they might have LIFE and have it ABUNDANTLY.” – John 10:10

So, Everything is Wonderful.  Right?
No!  Absolutely Not!

2.  Problems, Problems, Major Problems…

  • God Loves us, but He Hates our Sin…
    Sin separates you from Him, removes you from fellowship with Him, and can destroy you. God hates what sin does to you, for you are the apex of His creation.
  • Man has Problems…
    • Romans 3:23 – “All men have Sinned (missed God’s mark for you) and have come short of the Glory of God (God’s intent for you). All men and women are less than 100%,
    • Romans 6:23 – “The wages of Sin IS Death!”
      “IS” is present tense. It means NOW. You are spiritually “Dead” until you receive “Life in Christ” .
  • You Can’t Fix the Problem!
    NOTE:  Salvation is “NOT the result of Works“. Your Good Deeds can Not Save you. Ephesians 2:8-9.

There is nothing we can do to fix our desperate situation!


God  Alone Is the Answer!
God is the Only Solution to our Problem.

3. God Gave Us His Only Son Jesus!  He Died to Forgive us.
John 1:14 – “The Word became flesh and tabernacled (dwelt) among us…”

  • Jesus lived a Perfect, Sinless Life in our midst. He Personified God’s Love, and taught us how God wants us to live. Then, He laid down His life for you, and Died” in your place on the Cross of Calvary.

Jesus Died on the Cross so our Sins could be Forgiven!
He did for you what you could not do for yourself.

Please understand…
You are presently in a battle.
This is a Life and Death matter!
Satan will do anything to prevent you from coming to Jesus.
Don’t allow anything to distract you.
You are unable to change. You can’t stop sinning. You are a slave to sin.
But God can give you the ability to change and become a new person.
 Freedom is the ability to do what you ought to do, not what you “want” to do.

To be Forgiven of your Sins, You must Repent and Confess.

Repentance means making a U-turn. You must be willing to turn from sin and turn to God.
There must be genuine Sorrow for your sins.
Confess to God that you are wrong, and that you want to be Forgiven and Cleansed.

STEP1 - Discover the Living Christ

                                                               I John 1:9…



“If we Confess (Repent of) our sins…”

The Result >

“…He is Faithful and Just To Forgive us our sins And to Cleanse  us of All  Unrighteousness.”
Will you Pray right now. 
Prayer is Talking to God…in your own words…from your heart.
Just share your heart with Him.

Confess…That you are wrong and tired of being “sick and tired”.
Repent…Tell God that you are truly sorry for your sins. Make the U-turn to God.
Ask Him…To Forgive you and Cleanse you of every sin.

IF…you were Honest with God as you Prayed,  You have done Your Part.
God is “Faithful and Just to Forgive and Cleanse you of every sin”. That is His Part.

Thank Him for Forgiving and Cleansing you!
Through Jesus’ Death on the Cross you now are Forgiven!
Now, One More Essential Step…

4. Christ Jesus is Alive!  He Arose to open Salvation to us.
“We are Saved by His Life!”  – Romans 5:10

The Living Lord Jesus Christ wants to COME INTO YOUR HEART to take up residence (i.e. to be “Boss” of your life, to “Reign” over your heart).  He enters in to give you Life, Life Abundant and someday Life Eternal.

Jesus wants to meet every need in your life.  He will give you Perfect Love,  He will Accept you Unconditionally.  He will give you His Perfect Peace and Joy.  He will give new Meaning to your life.

Galatians 5:22-23 – says that He gives us the Fruit of His Spirit“, which is…“Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control”.  In reality, Christ gives us Himself.

Need these?

So, who has been in charge of your life? Who has been running the show? If you have been in charge…then, we have to ask “How is it going?”

Maybe it is time to turn things over to a New Director…God.
Now that is a good choice!

STEP2 - Discover the Living Christ

                                                             Revelation 3:20…



Jesus said,
LOOK…If anyone HEARS  My Voice And, OPENS THE DOOR (of their heart)…”

The Result=

…I STAND at the Door (of your Heart) And I KNOCK;

This is God’s Promise to you!

Invite Jesus to Come Into your Heart
and Take over your Life?

Pray like this… (from your heart, in your own words…)
Lord Jesus, I know that you love me and want your best for my life. I have tried to run my own life. I am sick and tired of trying. Please, Lord I sense you knocking at my heart’s door. I know that you want to come in to my heart. Please do that!

Right now…I open my heart’s door to You.  Please come in and take over my life!
I give myself to you.
I ask you to commit your Risen Life to me.

Did you mean that Prayer?
With all your Heart, do you mean it?
If “Yes!”…

The Living Lord Jesus has just come into your heart!

Thank Him!  Right Now!  In your own words…Just thank Him!

Praise God!

Welcome to God’s Family!
Today…is the first day of the rest of your life!
If you just recieved Christ, we want you to call us right now.
 We want to Celebrate with you, answer any questions you may have,
and help you get started in your walk with Christ.
We have some literature we would love to send you, as well as a Bible.
We look forward to hearing from you!
How do you know that what just happened was real?
How can you know that there is a definite change in your life?
Don’t stop now…

Assurance of Salvation

Can you be sure that you know God personally?
Yes! Absolutely!
You can know exactly where you stand with God!

Your spiritual condition with God affects all this life, and all eternity.
Your relationship with God is the most important relationship in life.
This is a matter of Life or Death!

God’s Word tells you…
“These things I have written to you Who ‘Faith’ in the Name of the Son of God, in order that you may KNOW that you have Eternal Life.” – I John 5:13

Note: Many English translations of the Bible read Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” Such mis-translations come from the inadequacy of the English language to properly reflect the Greek meaning. The word in Greek is pisteuo, which means “faith”. To most people, “belief” means a “mental acceptance”. But mental acceptance, and mental acceptance alone, will NOT lead to Salvation. “Faith” is acting upon what we Believe.

“Faithing God” is like taking a “leap” into the arms of God for our Salvation. That means, we must totally Trust Jesus to Save us. Thus, we “Faith” Him!

God Wants you to Know that you have Eternal Life.
“God has given us Eternal Life, and this Life is in His Son. He who has the Son has Life; He who does not have the Son of God does not have Life. I write these things to you who “Faith” in the name of the Son of God so that you may Know that you have Eternal Life” – I John 5:11-13

God wants you to have His full Joy in your life.
“God has given us Eternal Life, and this Life is in His Son. He who has the Son has Life; He who does not have the Son of God does not have Life. I write these things to you who “Faith” in the name of the Son of God so that you may Know that you have Eternal Life”– I John 5:11-13

God wants you to have His full Joy in your life.
Jesus told us… “Keep My Commandments, Abide in My Love…these things I have spoken to you, that My Joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.” – John 15:10-11

Forgiveness and Salvation are “Gifts” from God.
He “Gives Life” to all who Repent and Open their Hearts to Him.

Personal Check Up…
“Test yourself to see if your Faith is really genuine…Examine yourself. If you can not tell that Jesus Christ is in you, you have failed the test.” – II Corinthians. 13:15 NLT

So, Are you “A Child of God” or “Satan’s kid”?
Have you taken The Two Essential Steps to God?
That is…have you made a Conscious Choice to Escape Satan’s Control
and Come to Jesus for Salvation and Life?

If: “No”, God’s Word says you are still “in your sin”, and you are still
Separated from God and His Salvation.

If: “Yes”, You are now a “Child of God” with all His Promises.

Hear God’s Word…

God is unchanging!
“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8

Count on what God says!
“God is not a man that He should lie.” – Numbers 23:19

Your Salvation is God’s Gift!
“The Gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” – Romans 6:23

“For by Grace (which is Love you don’t deserve) you have been Saved, through Faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the Gift of God; NOT as a result of works, so that no one should boast.” – Eph. 2:8-9.

You have Eternal Life Now!
Jesus Promised!
“And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand.” – John 10:28-29

“Whoever ‘Faiths’ in Him will not perish but will have Eternal Life.” – John 3:16

Christ Flows in your Life!
He promises to be an artesian spring within you.
“Whoever Drinks of the Water I give him shall never Thirst, The Water that I give shall become in him an ever flowing well Springing up to Eternal Life.” – John 4:14

Live Victoriously!
Christ Lives In You!
Jesus wants to live His Resurrected Life in you and through you. NOTE: You cannot live the Christian life! God does not require it of you. “You can’t do it, God never said you could. He will. He has always said he would.”Major Ian Thomas. Just allow Jesus to be Himself in you daily. Begin the day with Him in charge, and yield every word and action to Him. Watch His miracles.

“Christ in you, is the Hope of Glory.” – Colosians 1:27
“Glory” = the Hope of you becoming the person God intended and created you to be.

You are a New Person!
“Therefore, if any man is In Christ, he is a New Creature; the Old Things have passed away;
Look, New Things have come.”
 – II Cor. 5:17

Since you are a Child of God…
Welcome to His Family!

Beginning today you are a part of Brothers and Sisters around our world who have made this same Commitment. They have been Forgiven by Jesus through His Cross, and Saved through His Resurrection by their Faith. You are now an important part of His Family. The Relationship matter is settled for Time and Eternity. God is Your Father…“no one can snatch you from His Hand.”


Why not determine right now that you will not go around “messing up” God’s Family Name.

You are God’s Temple on Earth!
“Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives within you and was given to you by God; you do not belong to yourself.” – I Corinthians 6:19 NLT

No Doubt About Your Salvation
Your Salvation is real! God does not want you to be in doubt about the most important thing in your life. Your Salvation is not a matter of emotions, but they may accompany it. You Know you are Saved because you Know that Jesus Died for your sins, Forgave you, and you Know that the Risen Lord Jesus has Come into your Heart. These are Facts! Your Assurance rests upon God’s Faithfulness, and His Promises.
Likely, you will feel Forgiven, Cleansed, and Free from Condemnation. The result is a deep inner Peace, abiding Joy, and confidence that your future is in God’s hands. You Know that He loves you, and He has all of this life and Eternity in His hands. This is Assurance!
You are now God’s Adopted Child…He is your Father. The Bible is your Authority, and the Holy Spirit is with you as the inner Witness that this is so. Your Peace within agrees. Doubts are settled.

Pray Now!
Thank the Lord For your Salvation and New Life.
Praise Him!!!

And Now, Since You Know that you Belong to God…

Jesus Invites you to “Fellowship” with Him. John 1:7
This Fellowship “Walk” is necessary for your Spiritual Growth, not to remain Saved. By your “Works you will be Known”, for “we are Created for Good Works”.
The Scripture says…
“We are God’s Masterpiece, He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the Good Works He has planned for us long ago.” – Ephesians 2:10 NLT

Find a Church Home where the Word of God is Preached and Taught, and where you can Grow in your Christian Walk. As God’s Spirit leads your heart, join that church and be obedient to Jesus by following Him in New Testament Baptism. Take your public stand for Jesus!
Begin every day with your Lord in PRAYER. Keep your daily appointment with Him faithfully. Study His WORD as you seek His Guidance and Direction. Give Him time to speak to you. WORSHIP God in your Church, in your Home, and in every area of your life. FELLOWSHIP with other members of God’s Family. Share, Study, and Pray with them. WITNESS to folks about Jesus. Tell them what He has done for you. OBEY the Word of God and be led by His Spirit.

Just allow Jesus be Himself in and through your life.

The Fruit of the Spirit is a Picture of Jesus.
And, Fruit in us verifies His work in our lives.
We can’t produce the Fruit on our own.

Celebrate Jesus!

“The Fruit of His Spirit” is
“Live by the Spirit, Walk by the Spirit.”

*The “Tree of Life” for every Christian
produces this Fruit…The Fruit of Jesus.

Note: Any Church or Organization that wishes to use this web page on their website may do so. Please notify us after you make this link that we may pray for your ministry.