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A spiritual home to Jews and Christians, Israel occupies a unique place in the Bible and world history. With so many sacred sites, one could spend a lifetime in Israel and never experience all of its wonders. On this study tour you will experience Israel’s top natural,Biblical, historical and cultural treasures in style. From the historic seaport of Jaffa to the golden city of Jerusalem, you’ll always begin and end your day in the comfort of a carefully chosen hotel. Few places in the world means so much to so many people. The tours are filling fast, make you reservation today, to assure that you see the best that Israel has to offer!

Experience 40 centuries of Israel’s history on this two week study tour. From the Sea of Galilee to Elat on the Red Sea you will celebrate the unique cultures and beauty of God’s Land. Both Jews and Christians return “home” to their spiritual roots. No Land offers more diversity. Discover Jerusalem, Caesarea, Tiberias, Jericho, the Dead Sea, the Negev, Beersheva, Nazareth, the Valley of Armageddon, Mt. Hermon, the Jordan River and one hundred other Biblical and historical sites. Our goal is to make your trip to Israel the best of your life-time. Fulfill your dream walking the in footsteps of the Patriarchs, Prophets, and Jesus.

Twelve Full, Thrilling Study Days in Israel

We make it easy to plan your next trip to the beautiful land of Israel. With over 50 years of experience bringing travelers to Israel, we have crafted the finest tour available. Whether this is your first trip to Israel, or one of many, our in depth study tour will surpass your expectations. We blend Biblical Old Testament and New Testament sites with modern day Israel for a “total experience”.

Note: This tour is NOT a “pilgrimage” to the churches in the Land of Israel. Enjoy the wonder and the beauty of the Land, and meet the Jewish Jesus in His historical context. Bob and Yehuda will make your trip a once in a lifetime experience.

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What to Expect:

• Excellent Hotels, Deluxe Coach, and Incredible Food.

• Your black and white Bible to change to Living Color.

• A new understanding of Middle East politics and Biblical “end times”.

• A deeper love for the Lord, His Word, His Land, and His People.

• Israel’s Best Guide, Yehuda Hecht – we should know! This is our 45th study tour.

• Yehuda Hecht to share new and exciting Historical, Geographical, and Archaeological information at each site.

• Dr. Bob Ross to share The Jewishness of Jesus, and lead you into a deep times of Devotion.

Why should you choose our study tour?

• It is Not … A typical “canned tour” (visiting a minimum of 3-4 sites per day).

• It is Not … A traditional “Pilgrimage to the Holy Land” (visiting numerous churches).

• Our Focus IS … God’s Word, His Land, The Jewishness of Jesus, and His ministry.

• We will help you gain a new and deeper understanding of God’s Land and People!

For Tourist’s – Israel is the safest place on earth

• No nation has better security. No nation is better prepared for terrorism.

• No person on an organized tour has ever been attacked or injured by a terrorist in 70 years.

• Israel averages 4 million tourists/visitors per year. That is quite a record!


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